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This blog is devoted to that particular form of travel moving from a sense of discovery. Sprung from the experience of two curious individuals (us, Kakaki and Nausicaa Alice), FREAKY TRACKS is a space where we’ll narrate, report, describe and interpret what we’ve seen and loved while strolling around the World.

We admit the following: we have a soft spot for Africa, islands, food, nature, animals, coffee, photography and casual encounters.

We like travelling with two formidable companions: irony and light-mindedness. We are not ideological: as a consequence, this blog is not suffering from hypocrite Third-worldist, spiritualistic or vegeto-vegan pathologies. Basically we are fond of aspirin (and also of neoprene) and consider ourselves modern enough to smile before a safari helmet: we notice that a wide range of phenomena – amazing, strange, beautiful and sometimes moving – are experienced and iterated with no consideration for the categories of true and false. We think that diversity (ours, first of all) is funny enough to be treated with some respect. We are used to greet people and feel inclined to talk when talking is a pleasure, but Nature has the power to struck us dumb. We can eat the same kind of food for an unlimited number of days and we are quite familiar with the bucket shower. We’ve never been afraid of buffet breakfasts, but this is something we couldn’t prove as often as we’d have liked to. We know what the mud feels like, and dysentery is an old friend we struggle to forget to invite. We love to rest in (rarely visited) places where the only noise to accompany the nights is that of the waves. When we travel we like reading, and no travel is conceived without some physical effort: you ought to be tired before going to sleep, otherwise it means you missed something.


Claudio, alias Kakakin Kura, claims to be far away from a satisfactory understanding of the World, this is why he likes roaming the continents. He possesses a well-developed sense of the obsolete. Photo: in Jos, keeping optimistic while reading a Nigerian newspaper.


Ángela, alias Nausicaa Alice, is a restless entity whose curiosity made her fall in love with travel, social media, e-learning, techs and politics. She is on Twitter: @NausicaaAlice. Photo: enjoying Banana Yoshimoto in Tsumeb, Namibia.


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