From a Sama-Bajau village

One of the greates maritime people of Southeast Asia, the Sama-Bajau live in communities spread all over the Martaban Gulf, the Malacca Straits, the Sulu Sea, Borneo, the Celebes Sea and the seas off northern Australia.

The number of the Sama-Bajau people ranges from 500,000 to 1,000,000 people. Often referred to as the ‘nomads (or gypsies) of the sea’ (try to avoid that, please), they call themselves Jomo Sama (‘people of Sama’, Sama = “we” or “kita”) or Jomo Bajau (‘people of Bajau’).

We visited a Sama-Bajau village in the central Tongians, Indonesia, in 2014 (scary amount of children) and here are some of our shots. Enjoy!

IND_tongians_bajou_DSC_1121 IND_tongians_bajou_DSC_1122 IND_tongians_bajou_DSC_1124 IND_tongians_bajou_DSC_1127 IND_tongians_bajou_DSC_1128 IND_tongians_bajou_DSC_1131 IND_tongians_bajou_DSC_1132 IND_tongians_bajou_DSC_1135 IND_tongians_bajou_DSC_1138 IND_tongians_bajou_DSC_1150 IND_tongians_bajou_DSC_1151 IND_tongians_bajou_DSC_1155 IND_tongians_bajou_DSC_1156 IND_tongians_bajou_DSC_1162 IND_tongians_bajou_DSC_1166

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