Tentena sweet Tentena

Travelling to Tentena (Sulawesi, Indonesia)? Good choice. Tentana is lovely. Wondering how to spend your time between one fried fish and the other? May be this map of Tentena will help a little (click here to download). Found in some guesthouses and hotels around the town, the map illustrates the full range of options you have while visiting this harmonious, lacustrine settlement.


Just a piece of advice:

  • avoid to visit the waterfalls in weekends and public holidays;
  • to rent a motorbike head to Victoria Hotel, but be aware: most of the scooters are semi-automatic bikes with very worn tires. Be careful. Starting price for a full-day (unitl 19PM) is 100,000 IDR (6,5 EUR);
  • Ue Datu hotel is a good place to stay;
  • the map is out of proportion: directions are right, but don’t try to make time estimates out of it!
Bats sold at the market (Tentena, Sulawesi, Indonesia)

Bats sold at the market (Tentena, Sulawesi, Indonesia)

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Kakakin Kura

Kakakin Kura

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