Bustarviejo, Europe

50 kilometres away from Madrid, Bustarviejo (or Bustar) is the right place to be if you feel like being nowhere. Lit up your pipe and stroll around, and start writing a novel: Bustar is a great inspiration for those who know how unexpected a double (maybe triple) murder can be.

*** Please, notice: coffee is terrible, but the local-made chips are great (sold everywhere).****


Bustarviejo and its surroundingsStrolling around Bustar I Strolling around Bustar II Strolling around Bustar IV FT_bustarviejo_JAN2015_36FT_bustarviejo_JAN2015_18 FT_bustarviejo_JAN2015_20a
Modern stuff in Bustar:

Reconceptualised stuff in Bustarviejo IV

The BBS (Big Bad Snake)

Reconceptualised stuff in Bustarviejo I Reconceptualised stuff in Bustarviejo II Reconceptualised stuff in Bustarviejo III

Reconceptualised stuff in Bustarviejo V

And then, all of a sudden, snow!

Snow in Bustarviejo III

Nausicaa (just before swimming)

Snow in Bustarviejo I Snow in Bustarviejo II Snow in Bustarviejo IV

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