Bunaken Manado Tua Marine NP, new entrance fee!

New entrance fee for the Bunaken Manado Tua Marine National Park! From the 1st of September 2014 the old fee of 150,000 IDR has been increased to 300,000 IDR (20€, 25USD). The permit is valid for 1 solar year (1 January – 31 December) and should be purchased on your arrival on Bunaken/Siladen/Manado Tua/Nain/Mantehage (but the only NP office is in Bunaken). Officers from the NP may visit the resorts and guesthouses to collecet the fees (upon payement you’ll receive a plastic badge: make sure not to lose it).


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Kakakin Kura

Kakakin Kura

Claudio speaking. I'm the co-founder of Freaky Tracks - quite happily, I must say. I taught Italian in New Zealand, undertook fieldwork research in West Africa and tested videogames in Madrid. I am a linguist, a minimalist runner and a travel addict… and nope, I won't stop moving around!

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